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2075: Mission Marriage

The Trillionaire’s Bartered Bride, 2075: Mission Marriage 1

Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance


The world has changed. Women have almost no rights and men hold all the power. The insidious influence of the oppressive Vanguard Group is spreading around the world and beyond. But while they can try to roll back the clock on social progress, they can’t control the human heart. Or the will to rebel.


Emily Bryce was the quintessential self-made woman before the Vanguard Group imposed their archaic views on the country. First, the regime made it illegal for women to own businesses. Then, it forced them out of the working world. The latest blow saw Emily on the auction block, waiting to be sold into marriage to one of her former colleagues. Her humiliation was near complete.


Cybernetically enhanced CEO Alek Westmore poured everything he was into building his multinational corporation, with not an ounce of help from his overambitious father. Then a business acquisition brought him a beautiful and brilliant female executive who made him think of much more than the bottom line.


A million dollars was a very small price to pay to make her his bride.


Alek is determined to be Emily’s hero.


But can she ever love a secretive man who will stop at nothing to make her his own?


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