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Nothing's sexier than a good man gone bad boy.

Bad Boys in Big Trouble

Billionaire, Bad Boys in Big Trouble 7
Romantic Suspense


Sexy, single hunk and secret billionaire JD Macalister never expected to fall so hard or so fast. He’s been burned by love—and a long-distance relationship—before and swore he’d never get hurt again. But the blond beauty in the jade-green dress he meets at a friend’s wedding isn’t going anywhere. Especially not out of his arms.
Samantha Duke can’t take her eyes off the tall, dark and dangerous-looking man she spots the moment she walks down the aisle. Their instant connection dazzles her. And once he reels her into his grasp, she knows one night will never be enough. But that’s before she leaves JD behind, choosing career over love in another city.
Still nursing a broken heart, JD discovers that Samantha is in big trouble and being pursued by a nefarious entity. He’ll stop at nothing to protect her, even if it means carving his own heart right out of his chest.
*Expanded and revised from previously published story in Kindle Worlds.



Bandit, Bad Boys in Big Trouble 6
Romantic Suspense


Miles Turner, a handler and operative with The Organization, a private security firm, is used to always being the man with the plan, the guy in control of everything around him. He can’t imagine any situation that would get the better of him — until he meets Sophie.


Traveling sales rep Sophie Rayburn has been burned by love before, but she’s determined not to spend Christmas Eve alone. When she spots sexy Miles at a run-down bar in a Podunk New Mexico bar, she decides he’d make the perfect gift to herself. Why shouldn’t she indulge them both with a little holiday cheer between the sheets?


Sensual sparks fly as soon as they come together, like they were made for each other, in bed and out. A kidnapping scheme, a drug scam and a dangerous mole don’t stand a chance.


Sweet, sexy Sophie is enough to make even a good man lose total control.
And Miles is not good. He’s all bad boy.



Bounty Hunter, Bad Boys in Big Trouble 5
Romantic Suspense


Dalton Langston has a sixth sense when it comes to tracking his quarry. He just has a talent for getting in his prey’s mind. Now, the only thing he’s interested in hunting is some rest and relaxation in Las Vegas. The last thing he wants is to get dragged into chasing after some runaway rich girl.


Lina Dragovic has eluded everyone her parents have sent after her in their efforts to force her into an arranged marriage. She’s served her time as the Dragovic crime family’s cloistered daughter. Now all she wants is her freedom. What better place to hide than Sin City, where the bright lights offer the deepest shadows?


But there’s no outrunning the dangerously sexy bounty hunter … especially when getting caught by him is so tempting. And so deliciously rewarding.


Falling in love was never part of the plan.




Bomb Tech, Bad Boys in Big Trouble 4
Romantic Suspense


Bomb tech and firefighter Alex Langston has a reputation around the station as a bad-boy, love ’em and leave ’em type, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He wants nothing more than a quiet life after a military tour that saw him in some very hot situations overseas. He garners more than his fair share of feminine attention, but hasn’t felt so much as a spark of interest for any woman since landing in Ironwood, Arizona … until now.


Schoolteacher Veronica Quentin was warned to keep her guard up around Alex. The last thing she wants is to be a notch on some sexy stud’s bedpost. She’s been used before, and knows well the heartache that can bring. But that was before she saw him. And before he rescued her from a mysterious kidnapping that saw her chained half-naked in the town square with a bomb strapped to her chest.
But is Veronica the real target? Or has someone set their sights on Alex?
Until they find out, they can’t trust anyone but each other. And the sensual flames that ignite whenever they’re together.



Bodyguard, Bad Boys in Big Trouble 3
Romantic Suspense


The baseball stadium is torture for Chloe Wakefield, from the noisy stands to the slimy man her colleague set her up with. Too bad she isn’t with the sexy stud seated on her other side. He shares his popcorn. Shields her from the crowd. And, when the kiss cam swings their way, gives her a lip-lock that knocks her socks into the next county.
Goodbye, vile blind date. Hello, gorgeous stranger.


Staying under the radar is pretty much a job requisite for bodyguard Deke Langston, but he can’t resist tasting Chloe’s sweet lips. Nor her sexy invitation into her bed, where the sensuous little virgin proceeds to blow his mind. But someone doesn’t like how close they are getting. The thought that scares Deke the most is that another woman in his care might be hurt because of his past.


All of Deke’s skills are put to the test as he and Chloe race to solve the puzzle of who is plotting against them.
Chloe’s in danger, and Deke has never had a more precious body to guard.



Bouncer, Bad Boys in Big Trouble 2
Romantic Suspense


DEA Agent Reece Langston has spent a year at the city’s hottest club, working his way closer to the core of a money laundering operation. Women throw themselves at him all the time, but there’s only one he’s interested in catching. And she won’t even tell him her name.
FBI Agent Jessica Hayes doesn’t know much about the sexy stranger except that he’s tall, dark and gorgeous. Best of all, he seems just as drawn to her as she is to him — in other words, he’s the perfect man to show one kick-ass virgin what sex is all about. No names, no strings and no regrets.


Their one-night stand turns into two. Then a date. Then … maybe more.


Everything is going deliciously well until Jessica’s boss orders her to use her lover to further an FBI operation.


Everything is going deliciously well until Reece’s handler orders him to use his lover to get closer to his target.


Is their desire enough to match the danger and deception?



Biker, Bad Boys in Big Trouble 1
Romantic Suspense


Despite the danger, there are some definite pluses to undercover agent Zak Langston’s current alias as a mechanic slash low-life criminal. He doesn’t have to shave regularly or keep his hair military short. He gets to ride a damn fine Harley. And then there’s the sweet, sexy lady next door who likes to sneak peeks at his butt. Yeah, that was a major plus.


Kaitlin Price has had the worst luck with men. As if her unearned reputation as a frigid tease isn’t enough, she also has to deal with her stepsister’s casual cruelty and taunting tales of sexual conquests she can only dream of. So Kaitlin has never been with a man. So what? So what ...
So maybe the sexy bad boy next door would be willing to help her with that.


Gunfire, gangsters and a kidnapping weren’t part of her Deflower Kaitlin plan. Good thing for her bad boy Zak is very, very good. At everything.



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