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Nocturne Falls Universe

Winter Wonderland: A Christmas Quartet: A Nocturne Falls Universe collection

This Nocturne Falls Universe Christmas quartet contains four stories of holiday goodness.
In this collection:
Baby, It’s Alien Outside by Fiona Roarke
Vilma Hart has everything she could desire. Considerate sons, a beloved niece and the freedom to live her life as she chooses. The only thing she doesn’t have is a sweet grandchild to love and spoil.
Milo Vandervere has spent his adult life wandering from one adventure to the next across the galaxy. Now, he’s eager to set down near his nephew and the lad’s soon-to-be family by marriage. A grand-nephew or grand-niece would be just the ticket.
When they’re snowed in together, the powerful witch and Alpha-Prime alien see nothing wrong with giving their wishes for baby joy a little magical push … But who’s spelling whom?

Touched By His Christmas Magic by Kira Nyte
A rare condition forced Sophia Lourdes to live in darkness until a cure opened some of the world to her experience-starved soul, including the supernatural haven of Nocturne Falls, Georgia. Her illness taught her to appreciate everything. Despite her determination to keep her heart safe, she appreciates a certain adorable young man most of all.
Witch Jackson Emery wants nothing more than to have Sophia for his own. Where most see him as a rumpled, clumsy geek, the beautiful vampire considers him brilliant and the way she looks at him...
If only her overprotective brother would ease up, they could discover if the spark between them will become an enduring flame.

The Falcon’s Christmas Surprise by Candace Colt
Rekindling love after forty years, falcon-shifter Solange Ford hit the open road with her handsome wolf-shifter Clark Hayworth. Five months later and homesick to return to Nocturne Falls for the holidays, Solange admits she acted on a starry-eyed impulse to take off with Clark. She leaves him in the Florida Keys, alone with his RV and Harley.
Three days before Christmas, Solange receives a chilling call that Clark is seriously injured after a motorcycle wreck. Leaving him was all wrong and she desperately wants to see him, but a fierce blizzard paralyzes all travel out of Nocturne Falls.
Though she hasn't flown long distances in years, Solange shifts to falcon for the eight-hundred-mile trip to Marathon Key. Thrown off course by an ice storm, exhausted and starving, she lands on a chicken farm guarded by menacing German Shepherds.
With no option but her wits, Solange hatches a plan. But will it work to get her back to Clark in time?

Rockin' Around the Cauldron by Larissa Emerald
Kamdyn and Cedric are set to be married in two weeks. All the arrangements are in place, but when Kamdyn’s magical powers begin going haywire, Cedric wonders if she inherited some evil force along with a gift of increased abilities. If she can’t control her magical outbursts, she could be asked to leave Nocturne Falls.


The Witch's Enchanted Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story
Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance


Paranormal private investigator and witch Ruby Hart needs a man—specifically, a man with a unique tattoo. Finding him for her anonymous client will put her fledgling business in the supernatural haven town of Nocturne Falls, Georgia in the black for months.


Maximilian Cornelius Vandervere the Fourth was a privileged and respected member of one of Alpha-Prime’s most elite families before the Incident made him a social pariah. An uncomplicated life as Max Vander in the secret alien colony on Earth is the perfect solution.


The double whammy of a love spell and a truth spell is definitely a complication he doesn’t need.


Ruby can’t help but notice the tall, gorgeous blond alien. It’s hard to ignore a man who keeps declaring his love and proposing marriage to a woman he’s just met. And it’s clear he needs help.


Sweet, sexy Max is a puzzle she can’t resist.




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The Vampire's Unintended Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story
Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance


Isabel Winstead has found acceptance and excitement in the hidden alien community growing in Nocturne Falls, where werewolves and gargoyles and witches live in plain sight. She loves her life in the Halloween-themed Georgia town, loves her job and her friends and — sigh — loves an absolutely delicious and unattainable vampire who doesn’t know she exists.


Half-vampire, half-sorcerer Viktor Hart revels in his bachelorhood. He adores his family, is a respected craftsman, drives a fast car and hangs out every night at Insomnia with his buddies. He’s never met a woman he’d be willing to sacrifice his independence for. Until Isabel and one mind-blowing birthday kiss.


Naturally, it must be a love spell.
The honorable thing would be to break the spell and let Isabel make up her own mind—even if she doesn’t choose him.
Honor sucks.




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The Dragon’s Spellbound Alien, Nocturne Falls Universe
Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance


Bianca Forrester may be a mind-reading alien from Alpha-Prime, but she’s an Arkansas girl at heart who leaps at the chance to work as a psychic in Nocturne Falls. The Halloween-themed Georgia town is the perfect cover for werewolves, gargoyles and, lately, aliens looking to stay under the human radar. Not only will it be an adventure, it’s the perfect place to dodge her mother’s matrimony mania.


Half-human, half-dragon shifter Warrick Hart has never forgotten the fear and loathing he faced as a child in Europe when superstitious humans and human-hating supernaturals chased his family from town to town—until they landed in the haven that is Nocturne Falls. The lingering trauma has made Warrick wary of most relationships, despite his mother’s pleas for grandchildren.


Bianca doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Warrick would never trust a woman with his heart. But Nocturne Falls is a place where never becomes now and beliefs can change on a spell.




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Merry & Bright: A Christmas Anthology (Nocturne Falls Universe)

The nine holiday stories in this collection:


Have Yourself a Merry Little Alien by Fiona Roarke
Draeken and Stella Phoenix are celebrating Christmas in Nocturne Falls with a festive holiday party in their new vacation home. Each has a big surprise for the other, but all’s fair in love and secret Christmas presents. Right?


The Wizard’s Mistletoe Magic by Jax Cassidy
Sent on a holiday gift giving mission, Kearney Maclachlan, wizard and royal bodyguard, reluctantly returns to Nocturne Falls where a fateful encounter with intuitive street artist Kaia Wyntir takes them on a journey to reclaim past memories and truths that may finally melt a warrior’s frozen heart. Unexpected miracles lead to everlasting love, all thanks to a kiss under the mistletoe.


A Dragon’s Christmas Mayhem by Kira Nyte
Firestorm dragon Zareh is a Christmas virgin, but that doesn’t stop him from doing his best to conjure up the perfect holiday celebration for his beloved lifemate, Kaylae. The fact she’s keeping something from him is tearing him apart. Their ancient enemies could strike at any time, bringing with them menace and mayhem. But that’s a tangible enemy. Can their love overcome some unexpected Christmas mayhem of the personal kind?


The Mistletoe Misstep by Wynter Daniels
Psychic hairdresser Amethyst Powers wants to keep the peace in her quarrelsome family, even if that means dating the wealthy vampire who could help her father’s fledgling business. She’ll get over the great guy she really likes. Superhuman mechanic, Dustin can’t believe his luck. When the purple-haired siren who broke up with him gets stuck, he helps her out. They share an intimate dinner, and one amazing kiss. But is she willing to buck her family’s wishes in the name of love? Sometimes all it takes is one part mistletoe and one part luck.


The Psychics Say I Do by Candace Colt
Cousins Brianna Putnam and Jess Callahan are headed to the altar to wed the handsome falcon-shifter Ford brothers. But when the brides' plans run amok, even their psychic powers can’t undo the chaos. The entire town pitches in to help, but will it be enough to pull off their Christmas dream weddings?


The Meddlesome Misadventures of Merri and Bright by Alethea Kontis
Fairy Merri Larousse never intended to become one half of a famous prankster/matchmaking duo with winter elf Polaris Brighton. Little did they know, the best match they would make would be their own!


The Sorcerer’s Christmas Miracle by Cate Dean
Tami Bennett came to Nocturne Falls to help her best friend, Lidia. It was supposed to be temporary – until she laid eyes on Jack Cross, sorcerer. As much as she wants to deny it, she’s falling for him. When Lidia’s werewolf fiancé is in trouble, Tami asks for Jack’s help. She knows that if he succeeds, she could lose her only excuse to stay – and lose the one man who has come close to stealing her heart.


The Witch’s Snow Globe Wish by Larissa Emerald
When a letter is delivered by mistake to clairvoyant witch Telia Kraft, she must return it to its rightful recipient, a handsome vampire neighbor, the very guy she had dated over the summer until he dropped her without a word. Jake Newburg is shocked to learn of his brother’s upcoming Christmas wedding in Nocturne Falls and rashly asks Telia to accompany him to the event. For once, he needs to stop second-guessing himself.


Magic’s Frost by Sela Carsen
Lonely werewolf Dima Samarin looks forward to watching his favorite winter elf every morning at the Hallowed Bean. He rescues her unfinished novel from the perils of spilled cocoa, and becomes her hero. Elin Bergstrom’s day job is at Santa’s Workshop, but she secretly writes sci-fi novels on the side. She accepts Dima’s invitation to the Christmas Ball, but when their date gets derailed by a drug deal gone bad, this elf isn’t about to stay on her shelf. Sometimes a werewolf can use a little helpful frost magic to win the day, and save their date.


Aliens Actually – Nocturne Falls Print Collection

SciFi Romance


This print book collection contains the following three stories:  Close Encounters of the Alien Kind, Invasion of the Alien Snatchers, and The Alien Who Fell To Earth.


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The Alien Who Fell To Earth, Nocturne Falls Universe
Sci-Fi Romance


Pilot. Guard. Prisoner. … Stowaway.
Crashed in the Georgia woods, all are lost on a world where aliens are the stuff of science fiction. But what if the locals are far from human themselves, with secrets of their own?


Holden Grigori is lost on an alien world, and his memories are just as lost. All he knows is a beautiful woman says she’s his wife, she loves him and he’d do anything for her.

Security specialist Victoria Greene’s mission is to find the heroic pilot of a downed spaceship and keep him safe while he recovers in a human hospital in the Halloween-themed town of Nocturne Falls, Georgia. Part of her ongoing mission is, as always, to keep the humans from realizing that aliens walk among them, hiding in plain sight.

Pretending to be Holden’s wife is far from a hardship. Falling in love with him is even easier. But what will happen when he gets his memories back and realizes that to him she is … no one.




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Invasion of the Alien Snatchers, Nocturne Falls Universe
Sci-Fi Romance


Pilot. Guard. Prisoner.
All three are crashed in the Georgia woods, lost on a world where extraterrestrials are the stuff of science fiction. Blending into the human world is doable, if dangerous. But what if the locals are far from human themselves, with secrets of their own?


Deliver his wayward brother to the galactic gulag two galaxies away. Stop along the way at the hidden colony on Earth. Find the woman who had been electrifying his thoughts for two years. Crashing in rural Georgia near an odd little town and being taken prisoner was not part of Riker Phoenix’s plan.

Warrior woman Elise Midori ran a galaxy away from Alpha-Prime to escape the man she loved, but could never have. Her new life with the Alpha colony hiding in plain sight from the humans in Alienn, Arkansas, is challenging and satisfying. The mission seems simple enough when her retrieval team is called on to rescue the three occupants of a downed prisoner transport near Nocturne Falls.

She didn’t count on the prophecy-obsessed Druids. And she most definitely didn’t count on seeing a certain sexy lawman again.




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Close Encounters Of The Alien Kind, Nocturne Falls Universe
Sci-Fi Romance


Pilot. Guard. Prisoner.

All three are crashed in the Georgia woods, lost on a world where extraterrestrials are the stuff of science fiction. Blending into the human world is doable, if dangerous. But what if the locals are far from human themselves, with secrets of their own?


Former bounty hunter Stella Grey grew up an orphan on family-centric Alpha-Prime, so she knows the value of belonging. Leaving everything—and everyone—behind to join distant kin a galaxy away in Alienn, Arkansas, is a small price to pay. Heading up a retrieval operation following a spacecraft crash in rural Georgia is her chance to prove herself to them. Her mission? Locate the ship’s occupants. Secure the prisoner. And, above all, keep the earthlings from discovering that aliens live and walk among them.


Draeken Phoenix is the bad boy from one of Alpha-Prime’s best families, known for getting in and out of scrapes with wit, charm and sheer bravado. He never expected to become an actual prisoner bound for a galactic gulag. Until now, the worst thing that had ever happened to him was losing the woman he loved.


But he has a plan.


He’s bet his life on it.




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