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Aliens hiding in plain sight? Yep!

Alienn Arkansas

While Aliens Were Sleeping, Alienn, Arkansas Book 7

Sci-Fi Romance


Welcome to Alienn, Arkansas where the aliens from outer space hide in plain sight at the Big Bang Truck Stop.


Gage Grey is happily buried under work on his interesting experiments when random folks in Alienn suddenly start falling asleep where they stand and can’t be woken up. No place is safe, inside or out, not a grocery store nor backyard. Gage better solve this problem in a hurry, because the seven-year Earth colony inspection is looming.


If everyone is asleep when the inspector arrives they might fail and that would be the end of the Big Bang Truck Stop, above stairs and below.


With Charlotte, his new scientist friend, to help, the big brain of the Grey clan is getting closer to finding a cure to wake everyone up -- until Charlotte is accused of being involved in causing the terrible sleeping sickness.


Too bad Gage is falling in love with her.



Crazy Rich Aliens, Alienn, Arkansas Book 6

Sci-Fi Romance


Anastasia Esposito Romano’s family moves in the highest echelons of Alpha-Prime society, yet she is content with her position at one of the planet’s most exclusive galleries. When her iron-fisted uncle orders Ana to chase after her wayward younger sister, she has no choice but to follow the trail to Earth—where she also hopes to find the mysterious artist whose paintings are the talk of the planet.


In a large, boisterous family responsible for keeping the Alpha colony in Alienn, Arkansas, hidden from the humans, Wheeler Grey is known as the brother who stays out of trouble. They have no idea he has a secret life as the artist known as Alias-X, risking exile from Earth if anyone finds out about his clandestine trips to New York City to sell his work. When he encounters a certain dark-haired beauty, he wants her as his muse.


After mistakenly accusing Wheeler of leading her sister astray, Ana is glad to have him to lean on when trouble finds her in Alienn. She’s even happier when he offers to be her guide and accomplice in the hunt for her sister, who may have gone on the run with his brother.


But there is more going on than either of them realized.
And ignorance might get them killed.




Four Weddings and an Alien, Alienn, Arkansas Book 5

Sci-Fi Romance


Exiled society princess Francine Hayward Duvall has learned to stand on her own two feet in the Alpha colony hiding in plain sight in Alienn, Arkansas. It helps that the residents don’t give a hoot about who she used to be, only who she is. She’s a hard-working supermarket clerk who takes pride in earning her way. There’s really only one thing missing from her new life.
Ichor-Delta bounty hunter Luther Raphael Boudreaux left his family and all the royal trappings behind long ago and is fully aware that there’s no place for a woman in the nomadic lifestyle of his chosen career. He never expected his heart to be captured by a certain sweet redhead with nothing more than a look.
When Raphael offers to help Francine attend her sister’s wedding on Ichor-Delta, by posing as her fiancé, she jumps at the chance. In return, she’ll give the charming bounty hunter the cover he needs to help a friend in trouble. And if she can indulge in a little romance—or more—so much the better.
Francine might think he’s doing her a favor, but as far as Raphael is concerned, she is the one for him. He’ll go to any lengths to convince her that their adventure doesn’t have to end.
It’s only the beginning.



10 Things Aliens Hate About You, Alienn, Arkansas 4
Sci-Fi Romance


Valvoline Ethyl Grey, the youngest sibling and only daughter in the Grey clan, knows the rules when it comes to Alpha-human relationships—it’s fine to have a little fun, just don’t get too attached, unless you want a one-way ticket back to a homeworld that’s never been home.
Skeeter Bite Sheriff Wyatt Campbell is as easygoing as they come, but even he has his limits. At first he thought Vee wanted to keep their romance under wraps to protect him from a butt-kicking from one—or all—of her six brawny older brothers. Since they seem to like him well enough, that can hardly be the case. Now he just has to convince his commitment-shy girlfriend to take a chance. She already has his heart. Why not his ring?
A woman raised among oblivious humans in a super-secret alien colony in Alienn, Arkansas should know better than to have a super-secret love affair with a human, let alone a sheriff. But strong-willed Valene is all too weak when it comes to a certain tall, blond and utterly scrumptious lawman.
Although he comes to her family’s aid when they need him most and vows to keep the secret from other humans that aliens live among them, Valene is determined to sacrifice her love for Wyatt’s greater good.
Wyatt has other plans.




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My Big Fat Alien Wedding, Alienn, Arkansas 3
Sci-Fi Romance


Lucinda Hayward Duvall, of the Designer-class Duvalls on Alpha-Prime, has never quite fit the mold in her noble family. Her four sisters are more beautiful, their behavior more acceptable and their bearing far more regal than she could ever pull off. Even so, she’s happy enough with her books and her routines and to fall in line with the marriage arranged by her demanding parents. Until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger at a galactic way station on a wild and wonderful colony planet makes her question everything she’s ever known.


Easygoing Axel Grey, second son and head of communications for the family business at the Big Bang Truck Stop in Alienn, Arkansas, doesn’t care a lick of spit for protocol or pompous off-world VIPs. On the other hand, he has all the time in the world for a captivating young woman with red-streaked hair, a mesmerizing smile and a contagious sense of wonder. One stolen dance in a convenience store doorway later and he’s ready to give Lucy anything … including his heart.


Lucy basks in Axel’s admiration, blossoming under his regard like a flower starved of sunlight. In their too-short time together, he makes her feel amazing instead of awkward, a treasure instead of an obligation.


Of course, a future together is impossible. Her mother has seen to that.




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How to Lose an Alien in 10 Days, Alienn, Arkansas 2
Sci-Fi Romance


Alexandria Latham Borne is supposed to marry into one of Alpha-Prime’s most prestigious families. Her unwanted future fiancé has wealth, breeding, social status … and that’s about it. She is less than wowed during their luxury get-to-know-you journey to Earth. Once the spaceship docks in Alienn, Arkansas, Ria jumps at the chance to jump ship and explore the colony of extraterrestrials hiding in plain sight.


Cam Grey takes his job as chief of security at the galactic way station and the Big Bang Truck Stop operated by his family very seriously, but even he needs a break. No one suspects the by-the-book enforcer’s secret refuge is the karaoke bar just over the county line from Alienn, Arkansas. It starts out as just another night of uncomplicated amusement. But no one is more surprised than the jaded Alpha when the gorgeous woman with blue-streaked hair sings her way into his bed — and his heart.


When he learns his sexy karaoke singer has defied colony rules, putting them all at risk of discovery by the unsuspecting earthlings, he knows his duty. What he should do is lock her in the brig. What he does do is ignore all the rules he’s spent his career upholding.


Cam’s also been burned by love before, but his mischievous Ria is a rule-breaker he can’t resist.

Is she a heartbreaker, too?




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You’ve Got Aliens, Alienn, Arkansas 1
Sci-Fi Romance


Librarian and aspiring journalist Juliana Masters has a mystery to solve: Who am I? Armed with the truth about her past, she can leave her humdrum present behind and get on with her future. She just needs to complete one lucrative investigative writing assignment and she’ll be on her way. All she has to do is prove aliens live and work out of a secret facility based under the Big Bang Truck Stop. No problem. Getting her socks knocked off by the Fearless Leader isn’t part of the plan.


Diesel Grey worked for years to achieve his goal of heading up the family business in Alienn, Arkansas. Mission accomplished, but being Fearless Leader of a galactic way station comes with a lot more headaches than anticipated. It’s hard to consider the shockingly well-informed writer a headache, though, especially when she makes him ache in all the right places.
If he’s not careful, he’ll give her everything she needs to blow his family’s cover and expose to the human world that aliens do walk among them.
All he really wants to do is sweep her up in his arms and never let her go.
If only his trigger-happy brother would stop erasing her memories …




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